Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Easy Disposable Paint Pots

I like to recycle our garbage.  One of the things I kept back in Australia were the cute little soda cans.  I needed some paint containers for kids to use at a Halloween party I helped throw in 2009.  I used the little Coca Cola cans that I had collected and they turned out to be quite good at being paint pots - from the little holes in the top that held the paintbrushes nicely to the large quantities of paint that was held.  Here is my first tutorial that I ever did.

Paint pots

Wash as many coke cans as you will need. I also took off the little ring pulls.

Grab some black poster paint.
Black paint

Paint TWO coats of black poster pain on to the sloped part of the coke can. I used smaller coke cans (250 mL). Let the first coat dry before applying the second coat or you are going to have streaks of red showing through.
Another use for coke cans

Measure the height of the straight part of the coke can - from edge of slope down to where the red and silver meet at the bottom. My measurements were precisely 67mm. I then took a burnt orange A4 piece of cardstock and cut a rectangle 67mm wide with the length of the A4 paper. Having the rectangle the length of the A4 paper means it will double around when you glue it to the coke can, but I was too lazy to trim it and I don't think it looked any worse for it.
Putting it all together
P.S. Glue the rectangles to the painted coke cans.

Print out some labels and glue to the paint pots.

And there you have it. Easy paint pots that you can just dispose of once you are finished with them. I am thinking of making some for LQ to use here at home. I probably wont spend much time prettying them, though.

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